Elite representation from the Best-Reviewed Paralegal Firm in Ontario!

The single most important thing that you need to know about Redline Legal Services is this:

We Actually DEFEND You!

Our approach is remarkably simple, yet unique. In fact, we employ the same formula over and over again in every case we defend. Here’s how it works: ‘We take every step available to us under the law to win.’


It’s that simple. It’s very effective. It’s almost unheard of. Ours’ is a unique approach because three things must be present for the formula to work.


First, knowledge is a must. Without it the ‘steps available under the law’ are not obvious and their execution impossible.


Next, a pathological desire to win provides the necessary energy and drive and, finally, perseverance is the magic that makes it all work.
By engaging these principles over and over we have made the art of defence a science.

We at Redline are proud to hold an esteemed position as leaders in our profession, carved out and earned one gruelling case at a time.


For more than 30 years we have tirelessly sought perfection in defending each and every case that comes our way with innovative and informed legal arguments and brilliant defence strategies.


That is what we are known for – and if you are reading this, someone probably already told you that.


But remember, the Redline Difference is only available here…
Welcome to our world!


Fight Smart. Never Give Up.